Challenging Violence Against

Transwomen of Color

A Model Intervention for DC

Third Party Intervention Outcome Data --  Highlights


1) 80% of male participants agreed that: "If faced with a situation involving violence against transgender women, I would do something to stop it;"

2) 45% said the intervention made them think about transwomen differently; and,

3) 45% said it changed their attitudes about violence against transwomen.

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Video Script

A Gender Dictionary

50 Under 30 Report

Formative Research Rpt

Anti-Violence Intervention

Anti-Violence Intervention


DC Victims Report

A simple, proven exercise to be used with the accompanying video, this model 60-minute intervention is designed to be used with young men and integrated into any community or school-based programming that deals with LGBTQ harassment, school bullying, sexual harassment, or basic anti-violence. It is based on two years of research in Wards 6-8.

The ground-breaking Transgender and Gender Identity Respect Campaign is one of the first government-funded campaigns focused on the betterment

of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Developed at the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR), the campaign increases understanding and respect for the transgender and gender non-conforming communities, decreases incidents of discrimination and increases reporting of discrimination.

Courtesy of Transgender Health Empowerment, this one-page report lists transgender and gender non-conforming victims of hate crimes in the District from 2000 through 2012, as well as the means of death and – where available – the name and sentence of their assailants.